“As someone who newly acquired wealth, what can I do to make the world a better place?”

Many entrepreneurs who have had an exit are interested in aligning their capital with sustainability and impact. But only a few know how to get started and where to learn about it.

That’s why we created that trains self-made wealth holders to put their resources to use, creating the change that means most to them.

Running this year for the second iteration between May and October 2022, the ACCELERATE program is the place for self-made wealth holders and successful entrepreneurs to start aligning their wealth with their values.

What do ACCELERATE alumni have to say?

Our 2021 cohort included a group of the earliest employees at Airbnb and a robotics company. Watch this with our alumni speaking about the program:

Training in three modules:

  1. May 15–17 in Oslo (before the Katapult Future Fest impact conference)
  2. Virtual
  3. October 12–15 in San Francisco (before SOCAP, the largest sustainable investing conference)

Training participants are:

  • High-net-worth founders and entrepreneurs facing a recent or upcoming liquidity event
  • Highly dedicated to impacting global challenges
  • Eager to engage in a hands-on, fast-paced program

Sound like someone you know?

We hope you will join us for this one-of-a-kind training or share the opportunity with those you think could benefit from it.

Find out more about the program and hear more from past participants on the

With a drive for change,

Assistant Professor in Social Finance at EBS University
Initiator and Managing Director, Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth at the University of Zurich

Director at the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private
Wealth, North America

To get your questions answered, discuss if the program is for you, or to apply, please reach out to Erin at:



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Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth

Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth

CSP is a research center at UZH. We conduct research and train wealth owners & investment professionals in order to move capital towards sustainable growth.